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Sparkly Gemstones Make the Perfect Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas

Another year is closing down, and what better gift to surprise your beloved ones with, than a shiny, precious gemstone, to introduce new opportunities and possibilities!

December is an overall joyful month and of course, everyone’s eyes are set on finding the best Christmas gift ever. Gemstones are more than just an aesthetic piece of jewelry and can help acquire many health and emotional benefits.

So which gemstone would make the perfect Christmas gift for your friends or family?

Ruby – this royal gemstone is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to introduce both adventure and fun in their lives. Choose a pendant or a bold bangle and make your loved ones happy!


Spinel – for anyone in need of a reconnection to their Root chakra, a Spinel bracelet or a pair of discrete earrings will do wonders. The Spinel comes in many colors (like this pair of pink spinel). Spinel is usually associated with delivering excellent dental health, stamina, and vitality.

MyDesign pink spinel

Sapphire – if you know someone who is dear to your heart and could use extra strength and prosperity, we kindly advise you choose a sapphire piece, such as a fancy ring or amazing earrings!


With Christmas festivities just around the corner, these three gems are bound you to make it work!

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