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Make Your Jewellery Sustainable One!

mydesign-silver clay

Jewellery industry is sometimes considered somewhat unsustainable, but it does not have to be so! It has always been the practice to pass on the bespoke pieces to the next generation and recycle gemstones and metals to new, more modern pieces. This makes a good use of materials and contributes to the sustainability.

Last month Takashimaya department store in Singapore celebrated eco-awareness in collaboration with Creative Jewellery Studio. MyDesign of Gems and 11 other designers up-cycled many different materials and trinkets into beautiful, extraordinary jewellery pieces that just blew everyone away! It was a great privilege to observe new life to be brought into the unloved items.


Photo credits to my fellow designers: Mila, Doreen Tan, Jewel Tree, Ernest Yeo Designs

I used faux pearls from forgotten hair clips and a band. The clusters of pearls in the band reminded me of Japanese Cherry Blossom season. This piece had not only the pearls up-cycled, but also the silver used was recycled!

mydesign-cherry blossom

The recycled silver used has a fun clay form, which contains silver particles (originating from old x-ray films), natural binding agent and water. That’s all! The clay allows free shaping by hand while the piece solidifies during firing into 99.9% silver. The surface of this piece was brushed to create a tree branch feel. To obtain the white, silvery luster, only a simple polishing was needed. To further improve sustainability, this pendant was shaped to allow easy future up-cycle, for example, with your grandmother’s pearls or gems.

Stay tuned for more recycled silver pieces. In the meantime, you can find a piece or two at Creative Jewellery Studio.

mydesign-silver clay

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Sparkly Gemstones Make the Perfect Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas

Another year is closing down, and what better gift to surprise your beloved ones with, than a shiny, precious gemstone, to introduce new opportunities and possibilities!

December is an overall joyful month and of course, everyone’s eyes are set on finding the best Christmas gift ever. Gemstones are more than just an aesthetic piece of jewelry and can help acquire many health and emotional benefits.

So which gemstone would make the perfect Christmas gift for your friends or family?

Ruby – this royal gemstone is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to introduce both adventure and fun in their lives. Choose a pendant or a bold bangle and make your loved ones happy!


Spinel – for anyone in need of a reconnection to their Root chakra, a Spinel bracelet or a pair of discrete earrings will do wonders. The Spinel comes in many colors (like this pair of pink spinel). Spinel is usually associated with delivering excellent dental health, stamina, and vitality.

MyDesign pink spinel

Sapphire – if you know someone who is dear to your heart and could use extra strength and prosperity, we kindly advise you choose a sapphire piece, such as a fancy ring or amazing earrings!


With Christmas festivities just around the corner, these three gems are bound you to make it work!

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Paint your October in Tourmaline Colors!


Add a little pop of color this October and learn how the never-ending charm of Tourmaline can transform your overall quality of life! Tourmaline is a lesser-known gemstone which comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Mined also in Burma, Tourmaline is known for its cleanness, purity, and endurance, as well as ravishing health properties.

Depending on its color, Tourmaline can deliver different properties, so let’s look at how this magnificent gemstone can help you improve, grow and stay protected!

The black Tourmaline, this unique stone is intended to chase away negativity and stress and introduce physical and emotional strength in any given situation.

Blue Tourmaline is a gemstone offering numerous benefits, including a deeper spiritual connection to your inner being, as well as an improved mental health.

Moving on to the green Tourmaline, this stone is set to bring mental clarity, and help with anxiety and stress-related issues.

The pink Tourmaline, on the other hand, is a lady gemstone that delivers strong fertile health and encourages love and romance. While great gemstone on it’s own right, it is often used as an alternative for the ever famous ruby – and it is often dubbed Rubilite!

Tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for October. Also good for rest of us!

Start off October right with your Tourmaline!


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Sapphire Autumn Journey


As fall approaches, everything seems to slow down. This is why the royal-looking and fabulous blue Sapphire can be a great addition to your gemstone collection this fall. There are countless reasons why Sapphire is among the most popular gemstones on the earth, with many influential people wearing them to send a powerful message of wisdom and clarity.

Sapphire is said to boost intuition, mental clarity and spiritual power as well as aid in personal and spiritual growth.


As one of the cleanest and most delicate gemstones in the world, the Burmese Sapphires are as striking as they are beneficial. The beautiful Sapphire comes from the famous Mogok area.

Like the Ruby on my last post, Sapphire has hardness (resistance to scratches) of 9 (max 10), while the toughness (resistance to chips, breakage etc.) is good, making it an excellent gemstone to wear in jewelry on daily basis.


September is the month of Sapphire. If you’re celebrating your birthday this month, sapphire is your birthstone.

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Ruby lovers of the world, unite!


If there is one gemstone that goes well with hot summer nights, it is definitely the sensational Ruby! This gemstone has found its place in fashion as well, with countless celebrities flashing their Ruby jewels.

Some of the most delicate and popular Ruby jewel pieces are beautiful to observe. Take actress Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby necklace, back in the day! The special present is impressive and you can tell! Moving on to Queen Elizabeth II’s Ruby necklace and it is not difficult to assume why this precious stone takes the lead before others! Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring is another great – Burmese – Ruby example. The ravishing ring oozes confidence and strength just by the look of it! Singer Jessica Simpson has also been seen flashing a fabulous Ruby engagement ring.

The rich-looking pigeon blood 25.59 carat Sunrise Ruby is one of the most glorious and exquisite Burmese Rubies. This fascinating gem is also famous for the highest bid sell in the history of auctions!

The Ruby stands for courage, leadership as well as excellent heart energy, making it an appealing gem for many of us! Ready to get a your Burmese Ruby and make the most of your summer?