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Paint your October in Tourmaline Colors!


Add a little pop of color this October and learn how the never-ending charm of Tourmaline can transform your overall quality of life! Tourmaline is a lesser-known gemstone which comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Mined also in Burma, Tourmaline is known for its cleanness, purity, and endurance, as well as ravishing health properties.

Depending on its color, Tourmaline can deliver different properties, so let’s look at how this magnificent gemstone can help you improve, grow and stay protected!

The black Tourmaline, this unique stone is intended to chase away negativity and stress and introduce physical and emotional strength in any given situation.

Blue Tourmaline is a gemstone offering numerous benefits, including a deeper spiritual connection to your inner being, as well as an improved mental health.

Moving on to the green Tourmaline, this stone is set to bring mental clarity, and help with anxiety and stress-related issues.

The pink Tourmaline, on the other hand, is a lady gemstone that delivers strong fertile health and encourages love and romance. While great gemstone on it’s own right, it is often used as an alternative for the ever famous ruby – and it is often dubbed Rubilite!

Tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for October. Also good for rest of us!

Start off October right with your Tourmaline!


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