Shipping and Returns


Your design will be exported from Myanmar and imported to Singapore. The product includes Myanmar export fees and Singapore GST. At the moment we are able to ship only in Singapore due to limitations on jewelry shipping. All Singapore shipping fees and insurance are included in the price.


The warranty for your custom piece is 1 year, excluding normal wear and tear, unauthorized repair, accidents or intentional damage. Any production defects of chipped gemstones, broken clasps or hinges will be repaired for you free of charge in Myanmar. Any scratches on gemstones or metal are normal wear and tear.

The pieces we make are strong due to heavier weight, but please, note that even well set gemstones can be damaged. Protect your gemstone jewelry against

  • Scratches by other (harder) gemstones. Store your jewelry separately to protect them from unexpected damage.
  • Dropping your jewelry even once in an opportune angle may chip a gemstone – just like a smartphone screen.
  • Also avoid stepping on, knocking, banging or squeezing the piece.

Please, contact us through the inquiry for or send an email to for warranty repairs.


We are certain that your unique bangle will be awesome, but sometimes it just might not work for you. Whatever the reason, wrong size or the color after all is not to your liking, we accept returns within 15 days, when unused.

How to return your piece:

  • Do not remove the label from the product in order to return it
  • Let us know through inquiry, if you’d like to return you design and we will arrange the pick-up.
  • All silver design in original condition – we will return your payment once the product has been received.
  • All gold, sapphire and/or ruby designs in original condition – we will sell the item on our Boutique, behalf of you and return the money once the design has been sold.