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What Jewelry To Wear In Spring 2018

Ok, we know Singapore has no seasons but it’s spring everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere (and frankly we’re sick of the rain). Time to wake up, get active, drop the holiday weight, push those dark colors into the back of the closet and get the Spring/Summer 2018 tones out. Which are these tones you ask? Read below and you will be up-to-date on the latest & best jewelry trends.
It’s a new beginning, fresh things are blooming & accessories need to be updated as well…


In jewelry this season, like in fashion, the trend setting colours are gentle, soothing, milky but feminine and uplifting. Pastels tones are appearing everywhere – lavender, lilac, blue mist, peony, violet, shadow pinks & pale plum. What’s more – green and yellow are taking centre stage as the statement making accessories colours.


Spring 2018 is that time to be bold, bright but also ladylike. From the pearl blue or liliac toned earrings to the bright and shiny Peridot Cuff.

Blue Tones (Lilac to Lavendar)


One of the top colors to wear (on anything) this season reminds us of the dreamy skies when heading out on holiday to a beach somewhere around Southeast Asia – all tones of pastel blue, including more purple and pinks hues like lilac or lavender sub-tones. MyDesign has many such pieces which will add that sparkle  to your outfit. You can check them out here.

Pink Tones (Baby Pink to Violet)


Spring is also the season of weddings (new beginnings) and although most pink tones are associated with just that, this year they are covering everything from trousers to blazers. A gemstone in these tones is elegant and subtle. It really defines its beholder in a sophisticated feminine, yet  demure style. MyDesign has a range of bangles and bracelets well suited to this style. View here.

Bright Tones (Yellow & Green)


Finally, for the bold and daring souls the new season comes with a fearless and undaunted statement yellow and green affirmation of spring. Whether you’re covered head-to-toe in these bright and vibrant glow or looking for an accessory that will uniquely stand out, have fun with them because spring has never been so colorful.

For those intrepid, all-eye-on-you earrings, you must see MyDesign’s Peridot pieces here.

Now that we’ve cleared the essentials up, time to start shopping or change that desktop wallpaper to beach somewhere nice!