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Where to Find the Cleanest & Purest Moonstones

Happy Summer Days! As the northern summer fast advances, make sure you keep your energy high, and positive vibes flowing! If you also happen to love gemstones, you’d be excited to learn how the June birthstone – Moonstone – can work wonders for your mind, body, and soul!


Have you seen actress Nina Dobrev rocking a Moonstone pendant in ‘The Vampire Diaries? She had a good reason to do so!

Back in the day, the Moonstone has been widely used for treating various health conditions and rebooting the body and soul. In Eastern countries, the Moonstone was used to bring good luck and help with fertility and love. Plus, this pale and delicate gemstone has been known to shield people from evil spirits and help with insomnia issues, too!


The Moonstone has been treated as a sacred stone by numerous cultures, all of whom believe this stone carries a certain magic.

Today, the Moonstone is often related to meditation the art of relieving the mind. Burmese Moonstones count as one of the cleanest, purest and more inspiring gemstones to date, and are known to provide mental strength and business success!

Start the summer off right this June and trust your Moonstone to guide you!


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Gemstones with Detox and Healing Powers

Are you a lover of gemstones? Do you believe in their healing and spiritual powers? If you do then we’ve got the list for your May cleanse using gemstones.

Vivid gemstones are often associated with the month of May, the liveliest and most energetic month of the year! Perfectly shaped, intriguing and beneficial, May’s gemstones will have you feeling happy, lean and clean in no time. To help you choose the most fitting May gemstone, have a look at our list and learn each gemstone’s benefits:


  • Amber – an all-natural May gemstone which helps with various health conditions, such as asthma, and can introduce a sense of harmony and tranquility to your everyday life.
  • White Sapphire – clean and divine, the white sapphire encourages reproductive health and helps keep the negative energy away!


  • Rose quartz- another fabulous May gemstone which improves the sleep and cures insomnia issues. Other than that the stone itself delivers love, sensuality, and
  • Sapphire – the extraordinary blue sapphire is often worn by members of the Royal family, and it enhances creativity and wealth while boosting both longevity and mental strength.
  • Turquoise –May’s favorite gemstone helps soothe burns and wounds while introducing serenity at the same time.


All you need to do to get your fair-share of their healing benefits is to wear the stone(s) of your choice near to your body (raw stones or set in jewlery) for at least 7 hours each day. Highly valuable, May’s gemstones will definitely help you prepare yourself for a fabulous summer ahead!

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What Jewelry To Wear In Spring 2018

Ok, we know Singapore has no seasons but it’s spring everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere (and frankly we’re sick of the rain). Time to wake up, get active, drop the holiday weight, push those dark colors into the back of the closet and get the Spring/Summer 2018 tones out. Which are these tones you ask? Read below and you will be up-to-date on the latest & best jewelry trends.
It’s a new beginning, fresh things are blooming & accessories need to be updated as well…


In jewelry this season, like in fashion, the trend setting colours are gentle, soothing, milky but feminine and uplifting. Pastels tones are appearing everywhere – lavender, lilac, blue mist, peony, violet, shadow pinks & pale plum. What’s more – green and yellow are taking centre stage as the statement making accessories colours.


Spring 2018 is that time to be bold, bright but also ladylike. From the pearl blue or liliac toned earrings to the bright and shiny Peridot Cuff.

Blue Tones (Lilac to Lavendar)


One of the top colors to wear (on anything) this season reminds us of the dreamy skies when heading out on holiday to a beach somewhere around Southeast Asia – all tones of pastel blue, including more purple and pinks hues like lilac or lavender sub-tones. MyDesign has many such pieces which will add that sparkle  to your outfit. You can check them out here.

Pink Tones (Baby Pink to Violet)


Spring is also the season of weddings (new beginnings) and although most pink tones are associated with just that, this year they are covering everything from trousers to blazers. A gemstone in these tones is elegant and subtle. It really defines its beholder in a sophisticated feminine, yet  demure style. MyDesign has a range of bangles and bracelets well suited to this style. View here.

Bright Tones (Yellow & Green)


Finally, for the bold and daring souls the new season comes with a fearless and undaunted statement yellow and green affirmation of spring. Whether you’re covered head-to-toe in these bright and vibrant glow or looking for an accessory that will uniquely stand out, have fun with them because spring has never been so colorful.

For those intrepid, all-eye-on-you earrings, you must see MyDesign’s Peridot pieces here.

Now that we’ve cleared the essentials up, time to start shopping or change that desktop wallpaper to beach somewhere nice!


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3 Famous Aquamarine Pieces You Will Want to Know


For all of you blue colour lovers out there, Aquamarine has that special something, its blue to blue-green ranging hues take our minds and memories to the sun-kissed waters of the sea & the purity, tranquillity & calm that these represent. Aquamarine – literally meaning water of the seas is the birthstone of those born in March & for good reason. It represents new beginnings, fresh starts, clear communication, truth & letting go. It is also believed to add a certain amiability to its beholders. No wonder it is a gem given in marriage or worn during litigation. The aquamarine colour is also notorious for finding its way into Spring/Summer collections globally, every year. It is recommended when traveling by, over, or near water to wear this gemstone for protection.

Aquamarine, like Emerald (from the same family) is a Beryl (mineral) found mainly in Brazil. Other countries know for aquamarine are Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, China, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, and the United States (Colorado and California).

Now that you know a little more about this “blue stone of the sea”, here are 3 of the most famous jewelry pieces/ gemstones from Aquamarine:


Queen Elizabeth’s Brazilian Tiara
The centre-stone of Queen Elizabeth’s Tiara is a large aquamarine. This tiara has great symbolism as it was given to her as a present by the Brazilian president for her coronation in 1953! True to the stone’s emblematic properties of representing new beginnings, the queen loved her new gift and has been seen wearing it on numerous occasions, even to this day!


The Dom Pedro Aquamarine
Maybe the most beautiful representation of aquamarine is the Dom Pedro obelisk masterpiece. It is the largest faced aquamarine gemstone in the world which is almost 36cm in length & a staggering 10363 carats. This stone was cut by the so-call “Picasso of Gems” Bernd Munsteiner and can be seen on display next to the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian National Gem & Mineral Collection in Washington.


Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s Aquamarine
This stone was gifted to President Roosevelt’s wife during their trip to Brazil in the time following the second presidential election in 1936. The stone was the largest cut aquamarine piece at the time and part of the Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas private collection. It is a whopping 1298 carats & was part of a larger rough stone weighing over 1,3kg which was cut in Amsterdam, giving the beautiful piece seen below.


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Happy Lunar New Year Gem Lovers!


It is time of the year (especially across Asia) when many families have been celebrating together. Celebrating the change of lunar year & saying goodbye to the Rooster and welcoming the Dog. Each year of the lunar calendar is characterised by the strengths, weaknesses and virtues of the associated animal. And each of these animals are said to have an associated gemstone. The year of Dog is associated with Ruby.


What’s the dog like you ask? Well… the dog is said to be of kind-hearted nature, always listening to others while ruby is associated with love and said to trigger the sensual pleasures in life, stir the blood and stimulate the heart. Guess this year will be full of weddings and miracles… and a lot of love driven event.


Ruby is one of the most desired (and priced!) gemstones globally. Why? Well, in addition to its beauty, it is exceptionally hard which makes it highly resistant to scratches and damage. This makes it ideal for lifelong jewellery, passed on to the next generations. Myanmar (Burmese) rubies are famous for their “pigeon blood” color. They are amongst the rarest & most valued in the world, making them ideal to pass on down the family heritage!


As all rubies are a highly sought after with a price tag to match, the market has plenty of imitations (stones which look like rubies e.g. natural red spinel or glass!) as well as synthetic stones (same composition as a natural ruby, but man-made in a lab). The first synthetic ruby was in fact made already in the late 1700’s! If this is not confusing enough, most commercial rubies have undergone multitude of enhancements, one of the most common is heat treatment.

Imitations, synthetic stones and enhancements provide more affordable & available stones to the mass market, but still look fabulous. However, if you are looking to purchase even a small natural ruby, it is important to educate yourself prior to the purchase decision. If you like gemstones, it is actually quite interesting & fun! Understand the value (color, clarity, origin and enhancements), know the questions to ask and if in doubt do check at a trustworthy gem lab. If you’re still curious, ask us. As you may already suspect, we are mad about gemstones and everything related, so we would be ecstatic to help!


chinese woman-807840

To celebrate the year of Dog and associated Ruby, we will be posting stories on ruby (and other gemstones) throughout the year so keep a look out if you’re interested in this topic.

Wishing you a Happy Year of the Dog!

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Out With The Old & In With The Garnet


Happy New Year gem lovers & appreciators! MDG wishes you a very happy, healthy & successful 2018! …or a least until next month when it’s time for our Chinese New Year wishes!

January has sneaked in and past us all. Don’t know about the rest of you but for us it seems like the first month of the year is always the most fast-paced. Caught between the fond memories of the holidays, rest, friends, family, gifts (of course we mean jewelry & gemstones gifts) & most importantly – freedom! Now it’s back to reality & out of the romantic bubble of life we were all living in December.  Don’t worry though – with the help and love for the colourful world of gemstones, you will still have your little piece of the fairy tale living, at least until Chinese New Year when there’s another occasion to be spoilt (as if a true gem lover ever needs one).


So again, we have a reason to celebrate; to celebrate gemstones, to celebrate those born in January & of course to celebrate the start of a new year – a white canvas filled with dreams, hopes & wishes which are yet to manifest during the next 12 months. That’s exciting!

Speaking about celebrating gemstones, did you know that they originate deep from the earth? This results in the gem’s materials absorbing and transmitting vibrations. These vibrations are believed to have a positive impact on the people who wear them; hence the tradition to wear or carry one’s birthstone.  Whether one truly believes in this or just feels attracted to a particular gemstone, we can’t ignore that there is a positive impact from these beautiful precious stones.


January’s birthstone is Garnet. This stone is far more interesting than what initially meets the eye. Garnet is an abundant mineral group containing various gemstone species, some common, some very rare. One of the more common colors is brownish red. This color exists naturally in every other color except blue. Some alternative color choices are green (even emerald green), yellow, bright orange, pink, violet and a violet-red which can rival that of ruby. Red garnets are the most affordable, while rare orange and green garnets are the most expensive. Most garnets do not benefit from enhancements; hence, you will most likely be able to purchase a non-treated gemstone, making us feel even more connection to mother earth!

Garnets isolated on white background. Shallow depth of field with the nearest stones in focus.

Happy Birthday January Children!