Myanmar Spinel

Spinel is one of our favourite gemstones! It makes a great alternative for colored gemstones. It naturally exists in variety of colors and intensity, is a durable gemstone and often free from inclusions, hence clear. Spinel in general is rarely treated, Spinel from Myanmar is not treated at all.

The color is the main factor determining the price, strong hues of red, orange and pink/purple command the highest prices. Most valued is the red with purple hues, locally called “hot pink”. Red Spinel is at times used as a fine alternative for Ruby. One such example is a famous 170ct Myanmar Spinel set into British State crown, dubbed Black Prince Ruby.

Spinel is considered to have many positive properties. It is said to bring great energy to all efforts and realms. It possess qualities for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Spinel has not been commonly identified as birthstone for any month, but you could consider red Spinel as an alternative for January or July (Garnet, Ruby), purple Spinel for February (Amethyst) or pink variety for October (Tourmaline).

Spinel hardness (resistance to scratches) is 8 (max 10) while toughness (resistance to chips, breakage etc.) is good, making it an excellent gemstone to wear in jewelry.