Myanmar Aquamarine

Aquamarine in natural hues comes in strong greenish blue (rare), light blueish green or most frequently almost colourless. Globally, heat treatment is used to enhance the blue hue of Aquamarine. In Myanmar light greenish blue hue (less common) and blueish green, resembling “Agua” blue from tropical scenes, is available in natural form. Aquamarine is often free from inclusions.

Myanmar aquamarine is available in various faceted cuts, larger pieces often in cushion cut as well as in cabochon cuts. The most valued Aquamarine in natural colour is strong greenish blue (rare). As most stones have light tone, aquamarine shows color the best when the gemstone is little bit larger, ideally in a prong setting as a ring, pendant or pair of earrings.

Aquamarine is said to boost courage and stimulate clearer communication.

Aquamarine hardness (resistance to scratches) is 7.5 (max 10) while toughness (resistance to chips, breakage etc.) is good, making it still an excellent gemstone to wear in jewelry. Just don’t wear it while gardening!

Aquamarine is a March birthstone.