MyGems is a collection of contemporary, streamlined, easy to wear cuffs, rings and earstuds with natural  Burmese gemstones.

Design is extremely durable for daily use and will go a long distance. The stones are set in bezel making it strong, both faceted and cabochon cut stones suit well.

Three gemstone cuff has oval shape and is open underneath for easy slip into your wrist. The cuff is not intended to be squeezed for closer fit ( which can loosen the gem settings). Correct size ensures it is easy to put and won’t fall off.


Take the correct measurement for your MyGems Cuff

MyGems rings, pendants and earrings celebrate the simple beauty, containing faceted or cabochon cut gemstone. Custom pieces allow you choose not only the gemstone but also the size, while two way earrings make an easy transition from studs to drop earrings.

mydesign_sapphire mydesing-sapphires mydesign_sapphire

MyGems collection combines the modern jewellery making techniques and traditional gemstone setting skills, while providing a great job opportunity for the local craftsmen.

Make your MyGems cuff personal – choose your birthstone, healing stone or a favorite color, stack a few together and off you go to your daily affairs.