Myanmar Peridot

Peridot exists in green color, as yellowish green or brownish green. Globally the best Peridot comes from the mines in Mogok. The price is determined by the clarity of the gemstone, yellowish green considered the best color.

Peridot is at times called “Evening Emerald”. This is due to peridot’s green glow even in low or artificial light. Top grade peridot competes with fine emeralds and have been used in place of emeralds throughout the history.

Peridot is said to bring a positive energy which can be helpful when under traumatic emotional situations.

Peridot hardness (resistance to scratches) is 6.5-7 (max 10) making it a very good gemstone to wear in jewelry. It has lower density, hence, the size per carat is bigger. It makes a safe alternative for pendants and earrings.

Peridot is an August birthstone.