The Pansodan series is based on traditional Myanmar silver jewellery, just adding color with gemstones. Pansodan is a name of a street in Yangoon. It used to be a busy and colourful trade area of printing houses, providing the inspiration for this modern design with a splash of color and an everlasting whirl around it.

Pansodan pieces are handcrafted with love and care by a local silversmith in Myanmar from 925 silver and natural, untreated Burmese gemstones. This piece of jewellery supports the retention of traditional jewellery making skills and provides a great job opportunities for the local craftsmen.

Make your piece or the whole set personal – choose your birthstone, healing stone or a favorite color for a one of the kind piece.


Pansodan with cabochon Peridot

mydesign-blue sapphire

Pansodan with faceted blue sapphire

mydesign-20171009_12342-pansodan-cabochon-sapphire set

Pansodan with cabochon sapphire