Burma line is inspired by the Golden Myanmar herself. Every piece is unique, handcrafted with vivid colors! Just like Myanmar!

The commonality between the pieces is the romantic setting of stones together in the middle. The bangle is a bit narrower in width (4 mm), it is oval in shape (to keep the stones on top when you wear it) and it opens for your comfort. You need to treat this piece with love for it to last a lifetime.

Burma contains unique and rare gemstones on larger sizes. When ordering custom piece, we will first source the gemstones for your approval – choose round stones, oval stones, different size stones, larger stones or multiple stones in vivid reds, pinks, blues, greens or just clear ones. Your choice! Each gem will be hand set in a bezel setting individually by skillful craftsmen. The setting will be more fluid than 100% symmetrical. These hand crafted pieces look amazing in your wrist and you will provide a great job opportunities for the local craftsmen.

Take the correct measurement for your Burma bangle