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Classic with Spinel and Peridot

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This Classic is a wider bangle (6mm v.s.  the usual 3mm) with six Myanmar Spinel (5) and Peridot (1) gemstones. It is a solid, strong bangle, hence, durable for daily use and will go a long distance, while it dresses up nicely for the evening with other glamorous pieces.

This bangle is handcrafted in 925 silver and rhodium plated for durability. The round bangle slips through your hand as it has no clasp or opening, as the result, the size of your hand is the key measure to check.

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Metal Silver 925
Rhodium plated Yes
Bangle weight (g) 32
Bangle Size 8 (Medium)
Bangle circumference (cm) 19.2
Gemstones     Spinel x5: pink, violetish clear, purple, blue and red Peridot x1 (yellowish green)
№ of stones 6
Total carats About 2.5
Gemstone dimensions (mm) 4.5
Gemstone shape, cut Round, faceted

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Bangle shape


Hinge, clasp


Bangle diameter and width (mm)

61 / 6

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