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Sapphire Autumn Journey


As fall approaches, everything seems to slow down. This is why the royal-looking and fabulous blue Sapphire can be a great addition to your gemstone collection this fall. There are countless reasons why Sapphire is among the most popular gemstones on the earth, with many influential people wearing them to send a powerful message of wisdom and clarity.

Sapphire is said to boost intuition, mental clarity and spiritual power as well as aid in personal and spiritual growth.


As one of the cleanest and most delicate gemstones in the world, the Burmese Sapphires are as striking as they are beneficial. The beautiful Sapphire comes from the famous Mogok area.

Like the Ruby on my last post, Sapphire has hardness (resistance to scratches) of 9 (max 10), while the toughness (resistance to chips, breakage etc.) is good, making it an excellent gemstone to wear in jewelry on daily basis.


September is the month of Sapphire. If you’re celebrating your birthday this month, sapphire is your birthstone.

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