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Ruby lovers of the world, unite!


If there is one gemstone that goes well with hot summer nights, it is definitely the sensational Ruby! This gemstone has found its place in fashion as well, with countless celebrities flashing their Ruby jewels.

Some of the most delicate and popular Ruby jewel pieces are beautiful to observe. Take actress Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby necklace, back in the day! The special present is impressive and you can tell! Moving on to Queen Elizabeth II’s Ruby necklace and it is not difficult to assume why this precious stone takes the lead before others! Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring is another great – Burmese – Ruby example. The ravishing ring oozes confidence and strength just by the look of it! Singer Jessica Simpson has also been seen flashing a fabulous Ruby engagement ring.

The rich-looking pigeon blood 25.59 carat Sunrise Ruby is one of the most glorious and exquisite Burmese Rubies. This fascinating gem is also famous for the highest bid sell in the history of auctions!

The Ruby stands for courage, leadership as well as excellent heart energy, making it an appealing gem for many of us! Ready to get a your Burmese Ruby and make the most of your summer?


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