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Where to Find the Cleanest & Purest Moonstones

Happy Summer Days! As the northern summer fast advances, make sure you keep your energy high, and positive vibes flowing! If you also happen to love gemstones, you’d be excited to learn how the June birthstone – Moonstone – can work wonders for your mind, body, and soul!


Have you seen actress Nina Dobrev rocking a Moonstone pendant in ‘The Vampire Diaries? She had a good reason to do so!

Back in the day, the Moonstone has been widely used for treating various health conditions and rebooting the body and soul. In Eastern countries, the Moonstone was used to bring good luck and help with fertility and love. Plus, this pale and delicate gemstone has been known to shield people from evil spirits and help with insomnia issues, too!


The Moonstone has been treated as a sacred stone by numerous cultures, all of whom believe this stone carries a certain magic.

Today, the Moonstone is often related to meditation the art of relieving the mind. Burmese Moonstones count as one of the cleanest, purest and more inspiring gemstones to date, and are known to provide mental strength and business success!

Start the summer off right this June and trust your Moonstone to guide you!


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